13th May: A Pot of Gold, Please

I started writing this here blog about a week ago. Not much had happened, tbh, so it was going to be a ‘Friends of The Meaden Project’ one to fill the gap. Fact is, there are so many people on the list, and I don’t want to miss anyone out, that it was taking longer than a tax return…

So fast forward a week, and loads of stuff has been going on. It kind of goes like that, build a house, blink and you’ll miss it. I’m so glad I’ve been writing this bloggo – it’s not often I look back at what I’ve written, I’m sure that I will at the end, but when I do dip in and out, there’s a zillion and one things I’ve already forgotten about. Perhaps, when it’s all over and I have a little time to reflect, I’ll print it all out and staple it together. How novel, so to speak 😉

The bath again, just in case you missed it last time

The bath again, just in case you missed it last time

The bath is still utterly glorious, I only mention it again because I’ve been in there today, doing a bit more painting. Wait until you find out what we’ve come up with for the décor in there – it’s going to be brill, or awful. Liberace will have nothing on us…

Half naked man with massive caber. No further comment :)

Half naked man with massive caber. No further comment 🙂

A massive thank you to the fencing boys, Tom and Jam. They arrived with a load of stuff (and hangover) on Bank Holiday Monday, complete with Richard’s favouritest thing ever, and did a jolly good job of putting up the fencing for the ponios in what seemed like record time.

Nearly forgot this one - Richie in a Unimog. His life is now complete

Nearly forgot this one – Richie in a Unimog. His life is now complete

Two blokes, two days (and a bit) in baking hot sunshine (partial beefcake nudity, ladies, but I’ll keep that for The Garden of Meaden blog just to draw you in) and my paddocks are complete. God, it looks amazing from the end of the driveway.

A bit dark, but a different view

A bit dark, but a different view

As Richard said, ‘There’s the estate agent shot.’ Not that we’re going to be selling, ever. I’ll go out of here in a box. I may have knocked up some of the stables in my spare time too, but I’ll have to keep you waiting for that 😉

Richie Rich, watching paint dry ;) My very own decorating beefcake

So, Richie Rich and I have painted our bedroom. Man. Alive. It’s the most fantastic room in the entire history of rooms, specifically designed for shagging, sorry, sleeping , in. Not that there’ll be much sleeping as it’s so bloody bright. The colour is divine – looks not unlike an infinity curve in a photography studio. The extra bonus being that obviously I have an A1 view of the stables. I’m actually a bit surprised just how much I love the room. Rich and I, up until this point, have always, always been ‘old house’ people. I have been mildly jealous at the thought of potential guests sleeping in either Stu or Paul’s room. Not anymore though. I swear, it’s better than we could ever have believed.

View from the bed ;)

View from the bed 😉

Elsewhere, we’ve changed the colour of the hallway. Funnily enough, it’s now the same colour as, er, our old hallway. And the one before that. How unoriginal but hell, if it works. So that’s the kitchen the same, the living room basically the same, and now the hallway. I suppose magnolia could be worse though 😉

The boys from Midland Stone came to drill a pop up socket hole in my delicious blingo worktop (Thanks Billiant, for not getting arsey about me changing my mind), Stu’s been back to do the leadwork on the brick plinth. Funnily enough, he rocked up in time for Burger Friday but was so busy, he had to go before they were cooked. He did say it’s not the same working away from here.

Uncle Barry and the boys hard at it. Again

Uncle Barry and the boys hard at it. Again

Uncle Barry has been back now the scaffold is down and had a team of workers on site to connect the drain, put in a French drain for the thatch and a load of other stuff. The building inspector was super impressed with their efforts and, I’m very pleased to report, told the guys so. See, a little bit of thanks or appreciation goes an awfully long way. Burgers, with cheese, helped. Well, it was Friday.

I’m also really pleased to report that my nerd boys have been in – that’s Alex from Orangehouse, to sort out the heating. Woohoo, no nails have been through the under-floor pipework – I knew DependaPaul wouldn’t have gone anywhere near them but, well, you never really know. The heating system was filled up Friday and, first thing this morning, it was still full. The guys have been back today and filled the groundloops (again, well done Tom and Jam – we didn’t hit one ;)) and so once The Spark Knight gets here, it’ll be all heating systems go. Good job really, because the flooring arrives first thing tomorrow so it has some time to acclimatize before we lay it.

Life will never be the same again ;)

Life will never be the same again 😉

Oh yes, today has also seen the return of Brett, our tame plasterer, who has, in the time he’s been away managed to conceive a child, despite the fact that he doesn’t even hold hands with his missus. Congratulations Brett, we’re really chuffed for you but please don’t bring it over when it arrives, we don’t want grubby kid-mitts on our walls thank you!

What it was going to look like. Maybe

What it was going to look like. Maybe

Brett and DependaPaul have been prepping the outside for the render – take a look at the images I created over a year ago on Google Sketch-Up. Would you say Rich and I have done this all before?


How it looks today!

I’d also like to say thanks to Vince today. He’s the poor bloke from the tv company who are following our build. His year-long contract is up (and I bet it was a long year) and he arrived today with flowers and cake for everyone on site. Vince is a top bloke and has been very easy to have around, even while he’s poking a camera in your face – to thank him, I turned the tables by filming him with his own gear.

Vince, today

Vince, today

When the production personnel get annoying, and are more concerned about wallpaper rather than wallplates, not to mention telling poor Vince to ask me how ‘excited’ we are about the build (I know you love asking that one, Vincenzo), poor Vince does it with a smile. Our pond, in the past year, has progressed, in Vince’s eyes, to a lake and he can’t help himself but take all his equipment to the other side of the pond and shoot the house. If Stu has a room, and Paul has a room, then I’m going to put up a hammock under the willow tree, and call it Vince’s View. This one, below, is just for you Vince 😉

Well would you look at that

Well would you look at that. No photoshop on my watch 😉

Next week, my favourite room, the utility. Complete with utterly brilliant, working and fully commissioned heat pump. Probably 😉



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