13th Nov: Blink and You’ll Miss It

Lordy, lord, didn’t report yesterday as I was holed up in the Billyvan trying to sort out insurance. No insurance = no mortgage = lump of coal and a tangerine in the Christmas goody bag (for the rest of our lives). Add to that the fact that it was utterly pissing down with rain and it meant I wasn’t exactly keen to be chewing the fat on the build. Still, those Northern types (and the Kiwi) seem utterly impervious to rain.

Pegs for stockings. Filled with coal if we can afford it

Stu and DependaPaul were working on the fireplace – went in there this morning and, my my, look at those lovely little pegs. Perfect for hanging stockings (filled with coal and tangerines) – you see, it’s all about the detail and Stu certainly has an eye for it. I’m guessing that in his previous life, he was a window dresser… Probably. Had the Health & Safety Executive been casting an eye over the site today, they would have been mightily impressed when the acros holding the chimney in place came out. I’m saying nothing more, except that Stu was wearing his hard hat again.

Weather not good but spirits high

Back to the SIPS boys though and they don’t half move quickly. They arrived last Wednesday, they leave tomorrow, and they’ve basically built half a house. The walls are up, the roof is on the ground ready to be lifted into position first thing in the morning, and they’ve had to cope with tv fame while they’re at it. Well, ‘Our kid’ has.

Duane was, by all account, utterly useless on camera. I believe the conversation went a bit like this: Director Adam ‘What do you think of the house?’

Duane ‘Just like any other one’.

Director Adam ‘Do you think the old house and the new extension will work well together.’

Duane ‘Mate, I just want to get on with the fuckin’ job.’

‘Our kid’ Chris stepped in instead, leaving us all chuckling in the background. I had half a mind to buy him some gel and make-up for when the luvvies come back tomorrow, especially when he insisted he didn’t enjoy the experience. I just hope the tv people put some sub-titles in, I can’t understand a word of what him or brother Phil are saying 😉 Sorry boys. I’m only laughing at your gags because you are!

The view, or part of it anyway

Upshot is, I went in the bedroom today with another man. Sorry Rich, but you weren’t here. Stu and I clambered up the ladder and had a look at the view and wowsers, it really is going to be spectacular. Couldn’t ask for anything more.  There was a little owl sitting in the tree watching us – which was cute. We measured the bedroom, enjoyed the horizon a bit more and Stu made a closer examination of where the new house meets the old.

Obviously the door won’t be this size when roof cut in. For the moment, only access to house for dwarves. With Tourettes

I was a little bit felled when Stu piped up with, “It’s amazing the way that’s worked out. You know, with the precise measurements of the SIPS, just how well it’s worked with the old building, the roof line and everything.” I didn’t say anything, just gave him a look.

“Because you never really know,” he said. “Sometimes, you just have to hope it turns out good, especially as Lazy God didn’t really have precise measurements of floor levels and the like.”

Christ, it’s a good job he didn’t tell me earlier that he was winging it. Anyway, the extension, in all its roofless glory… (sorry about the two same pics below, every time I tried to get rid of one, the whole lot disappeared)

All ready for the roof

SIPS covered in breather membrane

Looking from hall into utility

Gable end jigsaw

PS Took the boys out for a curry last night (which is why this has been posted this morning rather than yesterday). They let slip that company director Andy is on his way down to come and check out the job. And no doubt do some television brown nosing. Good, good, should be a sporting one. Main aims a) discount b)bonus for the boys for redeeming their company having done a great job – especially after the communication issues c) both.

Oh, and the insurance, thanks to Build Zone for insuring. I was so happy I didn’t even negotiate. Top tip if you’re doing the same – insure it before you start, and never, ever, ever build with a thatch!



3 responses to “13th Nov: Blink and You’ll Miss It

  1. Emma, Do us a favour take a picture from the same spot where the main background was picture taking. For those of us with a very limited imagination (I do work in PR after all) it has hard to imagine how it all looks in it surroundings now. Cheers Duncan

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