13th July: Hero of the Week

Always looking for reasons to celebrate, I’ve just had a quick look at the calendar, thinking we’d been here for the momentous first month, but actually it’s been five weeks. Still, neither of us was ever much good with anniversaries.

It’s exciting and momentous enough to crack open a tinnie or two and I thought I’d mark the occasion by appointing a hero of the week. So many to choose from, it seems. It could be Compo and Billy, for turning up in the pissing rain to start erecting the scaffold, it could be Lazy God, for always getting it right, it could be Stu for being a building Messiah and turning up when he said he would and actually agreeing to take the build on anyway, or, it could be Paul, Stu’s right-hand-man, for actually doing the work Stu should be doing… But no, I’m going to appoint Hero of the Week to, dun dun der, Steve McClean.

Steve McClean, The Meaden Project’s first Hero of the Week

Steve McClean (not his real name, it is Steve, just not sure of the surname) is the man who delivered the Turdis on the day we moved in. Although you haven’t had the guided tour of the Turdis, it’s played quite an important role in the past five weeks, as you can probably imagine – especially having eaten barbeque and drunk beer every night since we got here…

Anyway, Steve McClean rocked up on day one and has been part of our lives ever since. He arrives on a Tuesday, removes the stinking mess, and leaves the Turdis in tip top condition for another week of Meaden shite.

Self explanatory really, could do with a blue flashing warning light though

As it happened, he turned up one Tuesday when the telly people were here and regaled me of the time he managed to get his van, complete with logos (or should that be logs) and phone number, on the Top Gear test track. Never one to miss a trick, Steve got straight onto the office and reckoned they should deliver a new Turdis, in blue, that hadn’t previously been used by five hundred Paddys on a building site. Sure enough, on Tuesday, he delivered a brand new bog for Rich and I to enjoy. Believe me, if you’re in there on a Monday and, thanks to the new design, there’s no danger of seeing what you’ve eaten for the past week looking back at you, you’d understand exactly why Steve McClean gets Hero of the Week.

The old one hasn’t gone far, generously, Steve has left that one for the builders 😉 So if you’re in the market for a chemical crapper – be it for a party, building project, works do or anything else in between, get in touch with Enviro-loo on 0800 0433711 and tell them Steve McClean sent you. He’s a hero, that man.



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