2nd July: The Weedonator

 I must confess to waking with a bit of a Monday morning ‘What the hell are we doing’ panic. Every now and again, The Fear kind of creeps up on you. Anyone who’s ever bitten off a bit more than they can chew, be it job, mortgage, expensive car or relationship related, will know exactly what I’m talking about. You realise you’ve got a mountain to climb and you’ve only brought your flip-flops and a Kendal mint cake in preparation.

Still, bit late for that now and with that in mind, I dived in and just got on with it by risking life and limb with the strimmer. Not your average Fisher Price electric but a full on, harnessed up and safety specs job. Dangerous, is not the word, especially when in the hands of a total plonker. Once I’d got the ninja throwing star attached (helpfully, the instruction manual had got rained on so the crucial pages had stuck together), hoisted up the belts of the harness and got Richard to pull the chain, there was no stopping me.

The weeds at the front of the house are dying a slow and painful death by poisoning and the weeds at the back have been chopped down in their prime, in preparation for a slow and painful death by poisoning as soon as the weather cheers up. There seems to be a bit of a theme running here. It’s all about having the right tools, I reckon, and a Stihl petrol strimmer with ninja throwing star is definitely the right tool.

Talking of tools, our friendly eco-warrior turned up this morning and had a look round. The fact that he was wearing full camo gear and carrying a clipboard was a bit of a worry. I expected him to tell us we’d got lesser spotted warble colonies inhabiting our grounds and that building work was going to be delayed until they’d all moved out – sometime in 2015. But no, all was clear on the ‘nesting birds and badgers’ walkround – Condition 8 of our pre-commencement letter from the Council. That’s another £500 spent. On nothing.

I’ve also spent a little bit of time on Flea-bay, looking at tractors. We’re left wondering whether four acres is a big enough patch of land to necessitate the use of a compact tractor. Rhetorical question really, of course it is. However, we need something that can mow lawns (about an acre) regularly, top the paddock occasionally, rake the arena (in ten years once we can afford to put it in) and anything else it might be needed for. We’ve ruled out the quad bike with attachment idea – simply because it’ll be nicked in no time, but if anyone’s got any idea about which bit of kit to plump for, then do let me know.

PS Our moorhen/coot/whatever it is has now been joined on the pond by a gaggle of babies – four or five were seen skittering across the lilypads earlier. Sweet. Will try and get a photo.

PPS Mr T back on proper form having seen a rat running down the side of the barn, happy boy again now 😉

A sweet, sleepy dog, but then he saw the rat and has been on red alert ever since!



8 responses to “2nd July: The Weedonator

    • This. And Dickie can tell everyone that “…the best bit about a Fergie is it’s got the same engine as a Triumph TR4…”

  1. The solution to the ‘Should we buy a tractor conundrum’ should surely be… dun dun dah, ‘Let’s buy some more land’ 😉

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