28th June: Lists

It’s sweltering in the ‘van. We ought to put a thermometer up in here, then you can all chuckle about the daily temperature, especially come winter. The dogs are panting, asleep on the floor and who can blame them, I’m thinking about having a quick forty myself. Eventually though, after nearly three weeks in the ‘van, we’ve come to the conclusion that Mr T isn’t ill, it’s just that there’s no-one here to get angry about. But he’s back to normal now because I’ve just read him some stuff from the Daily Mail…

 My mate from the kitchen place rang yesterday. The blog appears to be working. Instead of taking two weeks to come up with some initial designs, it took him less than five days and that included a weekend. We’ve been debating islands and peninsulas, as you do. The previous planning application (recommended for refusal!) included a far larger kitchen that what we’ve been allowed so we’d had an idea then of what we wanted. However, smaller kitchen means that a peninsula just won’t work. You’ve probably gathered by now that we aren’t exactly dinner party people, more beer and Barbie types, so rather than have a formal table in the kitchen, we’re going for island unit with seating and sofas. I was worrying about cluttering up the living space by having a table in there but Christ it’s 11.25×6.25m so I don’t think our dining table’s going to fill it in a hurry.

 The last couple of days have been spent running around doing stuff I’ve been trying to put off. It got so bad, I had to start with a list. Number one, after a number two, this morning was the mortgage application forms. God, I hate filling forms in, it’s like being back at school, wondering what they want to hear for your answer. Someone ought to tell the banks that it’s not a one size fits all job. An A-level paper, in Latin, about maths would be easier to answer. Still, I put my creative thinking cap on and missed out any questions I really didn’t like the look of.

Our mystery man is coming up with the goods. For cash.

The builder has his final spec packages – another drop and run before he started asking too many questions, the groundworkers have come back with some far more reasonable prices. I requested Matt to look after us. He used to be a model. He’s good with a spade and, better still, it’s going to be hot next week when he starts. I won’t be perving over him (much) from the ‘van simply because I’ve known him since he was tiny. I’ll try and get some photos for my girly friends and followers though 😉


I do hope the ecowarriors don’t mistake this for a badger. You never know though

The ecowarriors are coming back Monday to do the final walk round of the site, building regs have been submitted (we’ll have to do it under notice), the council still haven’t come back to us about our pre-commencement conditions (that’ll be eight weeks on Tuesday) and the structural work is causing a bit of a headache. Also, I need to find someone to come and take our asbestos roof down, bag it up and get rid of it. Legitimately, of course…




3 responses to “28th June: Lists

    • Ha ha, thank you. Very difficult to imagine a space that isn’t actually there. At least you’ve had four walls to start with. Well, most of the time anyway 😉

      • The loft was the best bit. We could just change where the internal walls were to fit the shower etc. Looking forward to your future updates

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