26th June: Stephen King Bungie

I thought, having upgraded my blogosphere to include video, that I’d better take full advantage and, well, do a video. I probably can’t get the video camera to work, let alone download it on here AND get it to play. If you can’t see it, talk to my man @martinspain. (edited to add, I couldn’t get it working but the youtube linky should work!)

So this is (or should be) the Stephen King bungalow, named simply because it looks remarkably similar to something that would have appeared in a nasty horror movie in mid-west America.

Once the singular bat has been paid to move out, the barn owl is in no danger of rearing young, and I’ve carefully removed, counted, packed and ebayed the slate tiles (let me know if you want to make a come and collect them offer – save me working out ebay) then this bad boy is coming down.

Although we’re not entirely sure of the history, we think it was put up during the war to house agricultural workers. It hasn’t been inhabited for approximately 20 years. There were a couple of old metal bedsteads in there, but I cleared it out and the pikeys must have nicked the metal. Still, it saved me a trip to the tip. It did have a phone and, unlike the main house, has a bathroom! All the mod cons…

I knocked off the plaster and got rid of it in a skip so that all that’s left is burnable 😉 It sits on a brick frame, which we’ll smash to bits later and chuck in a hole somewhere.  It seems a shame to knock it down but restoring it would only encourage Ma and Pa Meaden to move in. And anyway, the council won’t let us. So, down it must come.

So, it burns. We’ve established that. It’s probably a little too close to the neighbours to just chuck an errant match and twenty five quids worth of fuel at it so the idea is to drag it into a ‘safe’ area, by vehicle, and then light a Swan Vesta. Question is, which vehicle to use? We need something with enough grunt to pull the fecker over and drag it across the hard-standing, and someone stupid enough to do it. Good job @harrismonkey is on speed-dial.

If anyone has any suggestions as to which car, or line-up of cars we should try, then do drop us a line. Perhaps we could start with some weeny ones and work our way up to proper fen-billy style chaviot!

Mr Meaden has just rocked up in yet another Porsche – the third in ten days, now he’ll have to turn presenter!



4 responses to “26th June: Stephen King Bungie

  1. If that place was outside my front door I would have razed it to the ground a long long time ago!

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