23rd June

Oh dear, hangover city today so don’t expect anything witty or ground-breaking to go here (bit like every other day then) Good news is the full English might help get rid of a fuzzy head, the spin cycle of the washing machine isn’t helping much. I was going to attack stuff with the strimmer today but I really don’t think my brain could cope. Instead, I might just lie on the chaise du chintz and snooze it off.

It wasn’t just the two of us, to be fair

Mr T has been a bit of a worry. It took him a little while to settle in to ‘van life but he’s gone so relaxed, I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong with him. At the old house, he used to spend all day, every day, diving from the back of one sofa to the next, looking out the windows. If it was someone worthy of special merit – Snooty Fiona or Rob the Rabbit Killer, he’d tear out the living room, skid through the hall, zip through the kitchen, into the back hall and launch himself, exocet-like through the dog flap and throw himself at the gates, barking. Now, he just lazes around all day, sleeping. He’s eating and happy to go for the usual walks but if anyone’s got any ideas on the psychology of dogs, do drop me a line.

Mr T. Worryingly, waaaay calmer than is normal

The big news today is we’ve got a new telly. I really splashed out, ha ha. I thought instead of sending Rich (who’d probably come back with a four billion inch, singing, dancing, expensive, branded job), I’d go myself. For £124 I’ve got a 19” HD Ready LCD/DVD TV. Don’t know what it all means, but that’s what it says on the box. God, I know how to spend.  I also bought a couple of films so (selflessly, I didn’t buy a single costume drama, just War Horse), if we can’t actually get a tv reception, at least we won’t have to talk to each other all night 😉 I’ve just unpacked the telly, Rich is still rolling around the floor laughing and telling Badger to come away when I turn it on incase the giant screen blinds him. He has a point, it’s miniscule. Still, looks like we won’t get a reception anyway.

I also had a message from another kitchen place. We’d gone there months ago, had some stuff drawn up, were suitably impressed and then the woman we were dealing with left due to health reasons. The guy who replaced her was a complete jackass – he never followed up with our redesigns, never replied to emails and then called about three months later to see how it was all going. When I said we were still waiting for his new designs, he said he’d got them there and would send them over. I never heard another thing, until today. New designer calls, asks if I can ring her back and give her an update. It’s probably worth getting a couple of designs from them with prices. I’ll post them here and you can tell me which one’s best.

Two weeks ago, we woke up to our first morning in the ‘van. It’s felt like a holiday ever since. Well for me anyway, poor Rich has been worked to death since the moment we’ve got here. Oh well, like I keep saying, think of the money – we’ll certainly be needing it…



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