22nd June

Oh Jesus, what have we done 😉 The telly people (I’ve included a pic, that’s Vince wielding the camera and Adam doing the directing type stuff – both wearing sensible shoes) called yesterday to say they’d like to come and film the build for their new show. Silly me forgot to ask what it was actually going to be called, I was so cock-a-hoop about the possibility of more negotiating room with our suppliers… 

Adam, director-type, on left. Vince, camera-type, on right. Note sensible shoes. We offered biscuits, but they’d already had massive breakfast. On expenses.

They’d tried to pin The Dickster down for a day when he’s Eastside so Simon (the presenter, I googled him, he’s a vegetarian which doesn’t bode well but is from Scouseland so Dickie and him will probably have nicking soaps in common. Did I really just say that?) can come and have a wander round the ‘house’. However, Mr Meaden doesn’t seem to have more than hour to spare, on Tuesday, before jetting off to some other exotic location for the utterly crap job of driving fancy cars. Rich is, however, quite grumpy about it, especially as his Dongle isn’t working as well as mine and he can’t get on Twitter. ‘My life just isn’t my own,’ he grumbled, just before taking delivery of another Porsche. I believe it’s the same car as last week, but red. Like that’s going to make a difference to the way it drives.

A black car and a red car, yesterday

We also went and had a chat with the kitchen people. I’ve given them the blog address so they can see how they measure up. First impression wasn’t good, when the guy we were supposed to be sitting down with wasn’t actually there. Simon (not the scouse presenter but a different one who designs kitchens) tried to rescue the day. I wasn’t overly excited, despite his efforts – if we’re going to be spending money and they forget the first meeting, then it doesn’t set a great precedent for supplying us with a whole kitchen. We’re going for very sleek, contemporary (which’ll mean it’ll be dated in two years probably) high gloss with either Corian or Silstone worktops – it depends on price. If anyone’s got experience of both surfaces and can recommend one or t’other then let us know.

Simon eventually won us (or me) round in the end though by offering us a very good deal, ensuring we’d get our fancy 3D, picture quality design by next week and throwing in lots of extras like hi-tech door openers, mood lighting strips and an in-built, pull-out shelf for my Kitchen Aid mixer 😉  What more could a girl ask for? A mahoosive lottery win is the only thing that’d top life right now.


14 responses to “22nd June

  1. Hiya – we have a load of Corian in our kitchen and it’s fab. We had numpty kitchen fitters from Bodge It Kitchens and they cut a sodding great hole in the wrong place in a section that cost about £1,500. The Corian people put the piece back in and you would never know the mend was there. Brilliant stuff….

    • For once a salesman is telling the truth. We’ve had ours for about 10 years now and it’s still like new…

    • “Oh blimey, er I don’t know. That’s why I’m driving all these different ones to try and establish the best options. Red one is Carrera, manual, sports suspension, PCCB, sports exhaust plus diff. Black car was the same but with PDK. Think sports suspension is too stiff, not a fan of PDK but manual box not great either. Confused? Me too”
      There you go, straight from the horses’ mouth! Emma

  2. Hey Emma and Dicky,

    I have corian in my rental property and really rate it, got the Corian guys to make chopping boards out of the sink cut outs as you can’t cut directly on the surface. Really rate the stuff.

    Best of luck x

    • Thanks Hannah. Ha, they had a chopping board in the showroom. I said ‘Neat chopping board’, they said ‘Actually, it’s not a chopping board, it’s the extra bit from the same batch so the colour’s correct. If you make a real mess of a bit of the surface, they use that to repair and replace.’ Whoops! Good job it’s rented 😉 Emma

  3. Corian will be more expensive than silstone but for good reason – its a great surface…HOWEVER…consider LG HI-Macs as well. Developed by the same team that originally did Corian (then left DuPont to LG)- very, very similar in all ways but might have colour choices you prefer. Had our kitchen done in it recently and it is excellent – the seamless joints will look great with a contemporary high gloss and you can pretty much design any shape/effect e.g. Have a breakfast bar raising seamlessly out of the surface, seamless sinks, up stands etc. best of luck.

  4. Note…downside of Corian/Hi-Macs is that it is NOT very heat resistant and does scratch more easily than some surfaces. However, as noted by others, easier to repair and virtually stain proof. Easier to clean than granite/stone, warmer to the touch, more hygienic (seamless joints) and far more versatile.

    • Thanks Oliver, I’ll look into the HI Macs stuff – never even heard of it. But then again, kitchens have come a long way since the last time we were looking for one. Thank you. Emma

  5. The red one is better, but not as good as the gold one (not pictured). The black one has a plush interior, far to plush for a 911. Can you remind the Dickster I need a story on which one to buy. Sorry, have no worktop advice, I only clean them.

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