21st June

Apologies for lack of update yesterday, I was too exhausted. Having procrastinated over the weeds for far too long (and not having my knapsack sprayer yet), I thought the best and only approach would be to get stuck in and just start pulling the monsters, all six feet of them. I figured if I pulled the really tall ones (mostly cows parsley, ordinary thistles and some other sort of scratchy thing), I can just spray the waist high weeds now, and then again when stuff starts coming through. I am now scratched to death on my pulling arm – I hope there was nothing too toxic in there.

It was also utterly scorchio yesterday, not a wisp of cloud, no hint of a breeze so my pulling arm is also burnt. It was bloody hard work. Armed with fork and wheelbarrow (my building rubble buddy), I started at the edge and charged headlong in. Fortunately, the weeds are so big, they each take up quite a bit of space – I wouldn’t say progress was quick but at least you can see where I’ve been so far. I’m going for the methodical approach, which is largely against my nature being a more slash ‘n’ burn kind of person. Still, at least I’ll have fun burning the pile!

Last night we had a visitor – the terrier from next door. Mr T seems to absolutely love him, perhaps he thinks he’s looking in a mirror. Badger’s not so keen and spent the time guarding the ‘compound’, pissing on posts and generally being a grumbly little toe-rag. The boys have been far more settled this week, probably because Rich has been home since the weekend working in his new ‘office’ with his own dongle – I didn’t want him using my jiggerwatts up on You Tube.

Rich, in his new office. Chief Finance Officer Mr T keeping an eye on things.

We spent so long trying to move out of our last house (having put furniture in storage over a period of time) and the exchange being put off thanks to a total knob at the bottom of the chain (if you work at Jaguar Land Rover, have recently bought a house in Leamington Spa and held everyone to ransom at the last minute then you will be appearing in this blog at a later date, asshole), that Mr T wasn’t sure if he was coming or going. Still, he seems to have settled in well enough now. And, because we haven’t got a tv (Lord, outside privy and no telly, it’s like the dark ages) I’ve been taking them for a walk round the countryside in the evenings. Three miles a night, never see another soul. The hare population seems to be thriving round here, which means the pikeys can’t be far behind. Although thinking about it, it’s probably too flat for them to come coursing – they’d be seen from a mile (or two) off!

The second cutest Jack Russell in the world

Today, it’s properly chucking it down (the ‘van must be a terrifying place to be in a hailstorm!) so I reckon a bit of a snooze,  a visit from the stable man and a visit to the kitchen place to see what delights they have to offer, is the order of the day. Or some paperwork. It does need doing, just maybe not today!


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