19th June: The Old House

For those who haven’t yet seen it, I thought I’d add a few photos of the old house tonight, which means you probably can’t see any photos. If you can’t, blame the tech support team (send @martinspain a tweet) because there’s nothing I’ll be able to do about it. If you can see the pics, I followed Marty’s instructions correctly (he’s available for massively paid, freelance webstuff work). If you can’t then imagine a pile of rubble, topped with an asbestos hat, surrounded by twelve foot high weeds, and in the middle of nowhere. It really is that good.

Richard’s been in the mode of massive mortgage panic since last September, when we finally got the key, or at least, the Land Registry document that said it was ours. We’ve been looking (well, I’ve been looking) for something with a bit of land for years. Thus far, they’ve all been massively over budget or, if you’re in with a chance financially, some city boy buys it with his bonus before you can even get the For Sale sign up. We did kind of step off the cliff for this one but, at the same time, it was really rather cheap, we’d found out about it well before it was going to go to auction and, our mortgage bloke is more creative with his figures than Harry Redknapp’s accountant. If you need his number, then just shout.

Anyway, we bought it, it’s ours. Or the bank’s anyway. Actually, that’s not strictly true, we own the pile outright. But will need to borrow a bit (and then probably a bit more) to do it up 😉 These pics aren’t exactly how we found it, my Mac blew up and I lost some originals. Suffice to say, these are the tidied up versions. I also did a bit of hacking, and a bit of burning. While the building isn’t listed, thank God (or our mortgage guy, who is God) I didn’t particularly want the Council sniffing about admiring our lathe and horsehair, thank, you. Or the reeds. Fire, it’s the only way to get rid of the evidence. I checked, they can’t ask us to put it back.

The new extension goes here…


The stairs are moving to the new part, this is going to be the living room. Can’t being doing with too many walls!


Old beams are staying but not offering structural support. We think they’ve come from the original old priory on the site


There was a brick fireplace here that wobbled and looked like something I would have built. Looks nice and safe, what with having those floor joists going directly through the chimney


Stud walls, old stylee. Generally made from fallen branches and filled with reeds


Yes, the only bit I couldn’t reach from my trusty, albeit wobbly, stepladder. Good job the planning people didn’t get invited in


Putting a window back in for more light, keeping upstairs configuration of old cottage the same. Two beds, one big bathroom


This will be the view from the ‘tub. Obviously, we’re hoping to have windows instead of wire but I guess it depends how far the budget goes!

That’s all for now!


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