Day 11

It’s snowing at the ‘Billy today. I know the weather’s been a bit unseasonal but this is ridiculous. Actually, on closer inspection, although it is snowing fluffy stuff,  it looks more like dandelion seeds. I’ll be picking those buggers out for years to come.

An exciting day today – not only has the washing finally had a chance to dry but we’ve had a visit from some tv luvvies. Obviously, it’s supposed to be top secret but hell, no one’s going to read this, are they? Disappointingly, they  weren’t very luvvie though, not a pair of pointy shoes in sight. They’d come to case the joint for a new show (positive so far) and see how fat Rich and I looked on camera (quite.)  We’ll find out in a few days if we’ll be seeing more of them over the coming months but I did my level best to convince them it’d be a lovely place to film – I also made sure I rabbited on about how lovely they all seemed, knowing full well that even though they were out of sight, the mics were still on 😉  Dickie even shared his biscuits. If it means negotiating the price down with suppliers in return for a ‘potential’ (that’s the killer word) tv appearance, and we get our build properly documented then it’s probably worth doing. Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen.

The rest of the week is taken up with prioritised meetings. That’s why the man from the stable company is coming to visit tomorrow, the bank is booked in for Wednesday and the kitchen planner on Thursday – it may seem a bit premature to be looking at kitchens (especially when he recommended a site visit, er, there’s nothing to actually see) but it means we can work out sinks, therefore drains and waste pipes, etc.

I also spent some lovely time with my horses today. They’ve probably been feeling neglected as they came to call, rather than buggering off in the other direction. Having previously been two minutes away, I could pop in whenever but now it takes a bit more planning. If you’ve got horses, you’ll know what an important and time consuming part of your life they are (and expensive – Dickie). But then, this is what we’re doing it for. Short term pain, for long term gain – or some such bollocks.

P.S. Forgot to say, moment of the day had to be when Luvvie asked me if we’d got any questions about the filming or programme. ‘Yes, I have a question,’ I piped up, ‘What are you going to pay us?’ Followed by cheeky grin. Awkward.

Stu, you would have been proud.


2 responses to “Day 11

  1. Hmm, you two on camera. You’ve got my contact details havent you for any little ‘issues’ that may occur during filming that may need revisiting before broadcast.

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