Day 7

So yesterday’s meeting with architect bloke(still no names, any appropriate suggestions welcome) meant we could stop holding our collective breath about the financial side of things – even if it is only until the next meeting. After the original site surveys by a structural engineer (‘Yep, it’s fucked, but the good news is it’s only fucked from the ground up’), his assessment was that it would need about £10K of structural work before we get started on rebuilding. He sent me a load of drawings and I duly went out and got some quotes based on those. Average price, £25K. No wonder Kevin always goes on about contingencies…
Anyway, the upshot is, the structural reports were based on exactly as the building is at the moment. So, basically, if we weren’t going to do anything else but make it sound as it stands, that’s what we’re looking at spending. Instead, the engineer will reassess when he’s got information about the intended works, including the new extension, about the stability of the cottage. As the alterations happen, it’ll support the existing building and therefore the original structural requirements will reduce. That’s the theory anyway, if only someone had explained that at the time.
We also ran through every part of the build – who’s doing what and when, who’s supplying what and how it’s going to happen. I’m looking forward to seeing the lists. I like a good list.
Rich left again pretty early this morning – a three o’clock start, the glamour of international travel. Still, he’ll probably bring another soap haul home as long as his reputation hasn’t caught up with him. I’m going to attempt to rig up the washing machine (in the ‘spare’ bedroom), having dumped a load of extra stuff, mostly racing outfits, at Jimbillybob and Looloos. Pikey chic may be appropriate considering our new abode but wearing the same socks day in, week out, is beginning to lose its appeal. I just hope that a) we didn’t knacker the machine, having stuffed it backwards through the fire escape window and b) bits don’t start falling off our home as soon as the spin cycle starts. I’m expecting it to be a bit like one of those power plates at the gym. Except it’s free and does not just your body, but whole house at the same time.


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