Another day, saved a dollar

I’ve hopefully added a new photograph in there. Can’t be sure, being a complete imbecile when it comes to technology, still, my mate Marty managed to kick those horrible menus out the back door. Back to the photo, if you can see it, you’ll notice that we appear to have a bit of a weed problem. Even worse, it’s not the right kind of weed, if you know what I mean… That’s probably a job for the weekend. Pray for rain, then I can put it off for another week 😉 Procrastination’s my middle name.
This week has so far been spent in a state of suspended fear. The humungous quote from the groundworkers has frankly, got us both terrfied. Rich came back (it was Austria, in case you were wondering) and said he felt quite scared of being in such a massive hotel room on his own, complete with porcelain crapper. But once he’d nicked all the soaps (The White Company – not that posh but nice nonetheless) and shower stuff, he felt much happier. He’s defo a pikey now!
We had a cracking meeting with our architect-type man. I can’t reveal his name – if only because he’s moonlighting, but we’re trying to come up with a moniker for him. Kind of like the Stig, always there, but never revealed. The big difference being that we’ve got ours because he’s cheap, and moonlighting for cash, not because we have huge budgets and everyone wants to work for us.
Taggart has again been combing the fencing with a fine flea comb. We’ve had to add some more mesh to the existing fence. Again. It’s those goddamn baby bunnies that keep bouncing around the other side and tormenting him. Still, we zero-ed in the air-rifle the other night with a coke can hanging from the tree about 60m away (well, Rich tried, I hit it first, much to his annoyance). Today, the coke can. Tomorrow, the baby bunnies.


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