Day 5

An early start, Rich is somewhere abroad – I have to use the term loosely as I don’t actually know where he is. He took his passport though, so unless Wales is now asking for proof of ID, he’s on a plane to somewhere exotic with a five star hotel and a china bog. That actually flushes.
There have been two big breakthroughs today, neither of which involves The Turdis. Number One is the interweb. Having gone back to Titchmarsh to check over the horses (they’ll be staying til we sort stables and fencing out), I then drove through the nearest housing estate looking for unsecure broadband connections until my mate Squealy pointed out that what we need is a dongle. Call me a luddite, but I’d never heard of a dongle. Explanation complete (something to do with mobile broadband) I shot off to Carphone Warehouse or some such place and spent £4.99 on a bit of kit that gets us on the interweb. £15 a month and 5 jiggerwatts, whatever they are, and I’m back online. Happy days, Richard will be delighted. I still don’t have the telly working – but hey ho, I’m not a miracle worker.
Better still, Barry, the shuffley groundworker, came back for a cup of tea. I was going to play the weeping woman card about his extortionate pricing structure but then didn’t have to in the end. Will (remember him – ‘lovely bloke, fair with his pricing’) must have been having some sort of breakdown on the day he did our figures. As an example, the trenching for the ground source heat pump has gone from £14500 to, er, £4 per metre. That’s 550m x £4. Even I can work that out and it’s doesn’t add up to fourteen and a half big ones. Reconsider the whole quote on that kind of maths and I’ll probably sleep again tonight.
By the way, Will, stop emailing me. You’ve been sacked.


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