Day 3

Day 2 passed in a bit of a blur, to be honest. Much champagne, even more hilarity and Mr T checking out the ‘compound’ looking for weaknesses. We reckon he hasn’t eaten so he can lose a couple of pounds and squeeze through the gap in the fencing. It’s been a gorgeous sunny day today, so we’ve been abusing the hospitality of an old friend (no, really, at 93 and fit as a flea, she really is old) and had a splendid lunch back in our old village – leaving the boys alone for a couple of hours. Fortunately, they haven’t ripped it to shreds while we’ve been out. We’ve re-enforced the compound – with hundreds of thousands of pheasants being reared down the lane, the last thing we want on our hands is a massacre, and been for a lovely walk from the farm. Being able to take the dogs out for a great walk, without having to pack them in the car first, is a real luxury.
Richard’s lovely mum rang this morning (they already have their eye on the ‘van when we’re done with it – great as his olds are, not sure the location would be ideal. I could see them moving in here and never moving out. And who could blame them). Anyway, the upshot is, she’s been doing a bit of historical digging about the site. We vaguely knew that at some point, the site had been that of an old priory – like, a zillion years ago. The cottage is built of stone which is unusual for round here, and has a couple of huge beams spanning the downstairs. They’re far too big for the size of the building so must have come from another building and re-used. Richard’s mum, Jenny, is into her historical stuff and discovered that there was indeed a priory here, which was set up by a man who’d been injured during The Crusades. After he’d been injured, he settled here and was nursed back to health by his wife before building the priory. And here’s the shocker, his name was Richard, his wife, Emma…


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